Doors in

Another glorious sunny morning. This time it was my turn to pick up the strimmer.

We did our internet stint and had breakfast before I swapped the strimmer head for a brushcutter and set off to tackle the bracken. We have an annual bracken beating competition as part of trying to preserve the meadow land. This year we have left it a bit late and hence the brushcutter. Hopefully if we beat it enough it will die back and the grass will take back its hold. There is already so much more grass than bracken which hopefully means that we are winning.

In the meantime Breezy has started a bit of a clear up, sweep out and scrub down before Ken gets here tomorrow. A few chores were still left for me when I had finished bracken bashing then we started hanging bedroom doors. Both done before lunch of a salad with everything in that was left in the fridge which was taken on the terrace in the sun.

An afternoon of pottering on with little jobs and a bit more sorting out. The thunder has started so a quick shower and a shave with droplets of water falling out of the sky.

Dinner tonight is the left over chicken from last night, taken with, you guessed it, another salad. We did find some fresh pasta in the fridge with a use by date of the 3rd July. If it is still OK then that will go in the salad too.

If there are no more posts you will know why.

Tomorrow, up early to pick up Ken from Caracassonne. Maybe back to St Girons in time to catch the end of the market???

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