Cep City

The usual start to the day.

  • Kettle goes on
  • Snuggle in bed
  • Kettle whistles
  • Get up & make coffee
  • Internet goes on
  • Blogging & Ski Breezy emails and web stuff
  • Breakfast

Work started with fitting the next chevron (beam) into place for the deck behind the new wall out the front of the barn. Building stone and mortar piers in several places to support it. Once done and all the tools were washed down there is little more we can do until the mortar has set. We dug out the area by the barn front wall to accept more piers for when we finally get the rest of the framework in place and then went for a stroll down the river to seek mushrooms.

Now we have never been very sucessful at ‘shrooming. We take a knife each, go search, and invariably come back empty handed. I took the South bank and Breezy took the north. Then I saw one!

A bit like arriving at a road traffic accident, I stopped and surveyed the scene before approaching. There was another one, and seside that a smaller one. Must tread carefully. Then I realised that I was on the edge of a “fairly major accident”. I ran round the corner to fetch Breezy as there were far too many for me to carry.

We came back to the barn with a pretty good little haul of ceps, had lunch and went back out for more. About 200% more.

The rest of the afternoon Breezy cut plasterboard for the inside walls while I tackled electrics.

Leftover pork and mushroom curry with broccoli from the garden.

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