Catch up and chill

It seems like we have been on the go for a couple of weeks now. Early mornings with a stint outdoors in the cool before breakfast once the sune hits. Then a list of jobs during the day or feeding Clive rocks and mortar. Finish late, shower, food, internet and bed.

We have not made time to put tools away, sharpen knives, sweep up or even just sit.

Raised bed wingsToday we are expecting Anne to come and stay so it’s a good excues to do all the things taht we have neglected over teh last couple of weeks. Hoover and mop upstairs, open up the outhouse and air it, light the fire outside and clear all the cardboard and paper out, weed the garden, shift the reamining cement and sweep the porch. Had a great day doing all the little things.

Breezy sorted out an old crate as a log box for the Yotul stove near the kitchen. We found that we have a load of cucumbers in the garden so no need to buy any more of them (as we go through 2 a week). Got loads of runner beans coming so chutney may be on the cards again?

paellaAnne arrived around 1700 so we prepared a paella while she got settled in. Had a lovely evening chatting on the terrace until the moon came up and after the moon had gone back behind the mountains.


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