Bits and Pieces.

Al had offered to go and help Clive shift a very heavy stone table at Jean Claude’s who is our neighbour 800m down the piste so while he got block and tackle and hoisted things around I did the final bit of strimming down the hill to Vinnie so we now have pathways strimmed, terraces strimmed and we are done at long last!

Al came back quite quickly and then started tackling Ski Breezy stuff as he has designed a new website for us and there is still lots to do on it which again all takes time.

While the weather was nice we opted to stock up the log store for the new wood burners inside the main barn and put them in the new log storer inside, looks good.

After a salad lunch we then had an afternoon of little bits and pieces. I tackled another clean upstairs as there is still so much dust about and we would like to get it gradually dust free ish anyway! The hoover was a great buy which we can run off the generator, saves moving dust from one end of the barn to the other! Al started sorting out some mirrors which need frames building and then we both got together to try and get the batons in the back wall frame to accept the plasterboard. All done by 4.45pm quick shower in time to skype Dad but his favourite daughter had slipped his mind and was not there!!!

Down to the village to meet up with a few people for a couple of drinks, we needed to post letters, collect water, try to make phone calls with no reception due to cloud cover usual chaos!!! Then we caught up with Alison whose birthday it is tomorrow and a few of the other locals. We also managed to borrow a Jigsaw from Anouk & Renee for the weekend!

The mizzle decided to return so we trundled back up to the barn for omlette, salad, cards and a bottle of wine.  One of the wines we brought back from Spain really excellent.



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