St Girons

A big list for St Girons. We were up early and away. We saw Henri at the end of the piste so we gave him our cheque for the 14th July celebrations which we have decided to go to this year since we are about.

We stopped at Le Forgue and the good news is that the driver will deliver all the materials onto our land and not at the end of the piste. A huge relief., the lady helping us has a place above our barn so was more than helpful and persuading with the driver. Picked up a few bits and pieces before chucking 2 loads of washing into the laundrette, 34 minute cycle gave us enough time to go to the agri shop for plumbing connections and insect deterrents!!!.

Collected the clean laundry and hoping the cloud lifts so it will dry when we get back.

No luck with a  mattress which was a pain so we are back to the lilos for sleeping for the moment! A big food shop where we bumped into Lee who was stocking up as well.

On the way back we stopped to do the recycling and somebody had obviously cleaned out their workshop as there were loads of paints and varnishes so we sifted through and chose the ones which were still usable and useful and loaded them up in the van.

We got back to the barn and managed to get the clothes on the line before sitting down at 3.30pm for lunch!!!

We decided to get some more shelves up in the tool store which was more problematic than we thought with trying to drill into stone and the rocks breaking so we ended up srewing up to the ceiling which was easier maybe not quite so secure but OK.

Water butts also proving problematic with washers not fitting well and fiddly connections. In the end the hose was attached with no leaks and after failing to attach to the outside of the barn a tap as the rock kept crumbling again. W opted for 2 stakes with a piece of wood holding it together to put the tap on which was so much easier.

The BBQ came out again and we had BBQ chicken for supper and managed to eat outside  as the midges had gone to bed by the time we got around to eating at 930pm. Starry night lovely.

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