Sourcier News…

We decided to set the alarm as we had a RDV with the sourcier at 2pm and wanted to get another strip down on the infamous concrete.

We had an enormous storm in the middle of the night but by 730am it was dry and misty but reasonably bright.

The morning zoomed by with a slighty smaller strip to do than usual and we were all done and cleared up by midday. 3 hours tomorrow and the floor is done.

We had some lunch and by 2.30pm no sign of the sourcier so we decided to shift the last bit of ballast that we need for tomorrow so we are ready to go first thing.

Just as we were thinking he was not going to show. I jumped in Vinnie to see if he was struggling to find us and met him half way back down the piste.

An interesting afternoon with Jacques and his wife Lucille as they devined for water.

The good news is there is a strong water vein which flows down to the left of the barn and under the river and under where we park the van. However,  the not so good news is that it is 85m down!!! Added complications are the weight of the drilling machine which will mean it cannot get over the bridge due to it's weight. Would need a LARGE pump to say the least to pump it from the car park area to the barn and I can see ££££££ signs multiplying as we ponder it. Anyway, they are going to send us a devis and we can take things from there if need be….very interesting though and a nice couple. We learnt quite a lot about the geology of the land as well. At least we have som idea of where we stand with the water. Whether we decide to dril or not is another question. Might need to start playing the lottery!!!

Showers in the rain but it seems to have stopped again now.

Al has made a curry which smells wonderful and we have a bottle of fizz chilling celebrating one more day left of cement laying. May well have another one tomorrow to clebrate it being finished!!! 

Just had a mail from the auberge to say the ladders have arrived only taken 5 weeks almost as long as the composting toilet!!!

A nice chilled night ahead of us looking forward to it.

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