Solving Problems

Very grey day with loads of rain over night and we still need to get the gravel up to behind the barn, not sure if the truck will make it up in the boggy conditions, we will see.

Al loaded 30 sacks of gravel that then Chris tried to get up the hill. In the end it was a mix of truck and muck truck.

We abandoned Murray at the end of the track shovelling the rest of the gravel into sacks for transporting later that day.


It was wet and not very safe to get on the roof so Hans went home. Murray had French lessons that afternoon so we were down to Chris, Al and myself.

We decided that time was better spent sorting out the water issue and how to get a regular supply of water at the back of the barn for use for cement. A trip to St Girons and Al and I within 10 minutes had found exactly the right containers to solve the problem…BRILLIANT!!!

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