Solar pannel and slating roof

Complete contrast to yesterday with fantastic sunshine.

Over breakfast I got all the solar PV components out to wire it all up only to find that the terminals on the battery and the battery leads supplied were not compatible. Boo.

As we have some cement spare which will mot last until the autumn we made a batch and capped the wall between the toilet and the main barn. What was a dusty random stone step will become a clean stable step that no longer spreads dust everywhere.

Off down the valley to phone Nigel (our solar man) to seek wisdom re the solar stuff and to check in for Ryan Air flight.

In the afternoon we started the slating, having graded all the slate we decided to clean (wire brush) each bit as it went on the roof. Working together we cleaned and then carried, arranged and nailed each row working our way through the sizes. At the end of the day we had between ¼ and 1/3 of the roof done.

Very hot shower from the solar bags and back down the valley for drinking water and to seek somewhere to put the van for a couple of months near Carcassonne. Spoke to Nigel who had a fix for our connection problem. Salau was busy with people getting all the preparations made for the transhumance over the weekend.

Quick drink at the bar and back to the barn for a pasta surprise.

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