The sun finally shone but wow was it cold after the snow getting down to 1200m, a tad parky to say the least.  We had a very successful day today and achieved loads.

Chris collected an extra scaff tower from Murray’s and then  helped Clive to get cement mixer etc on site too.

Clive joined us who is “the man in the know” re the actual structure of the roof and we had been waiting for him before we could progress much further. He is another English chap who  has been in the area for years living just above Couflens in a lovely place which he is gradually doing up along with his wife Gizelle and 3 kids.

By the end of the day the whole roof was stripped off; ridge beam, purlins the lot and a great deal of heave hoing from the guys as the wood was in huge pieces and very wet so doubly heavy.


Clive had done a great job at cementing in  the first floor rafters the very large pieces of wood which we had struggled to get up to the Bergerie and it actually feels like progress is being made. Slowly but surely.  7.30pm much needed beers to end a very good day.

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