Small jobs

Woke up to pouring rain. Al chased Clive re ballast delivery but not sure it will arrive today. By the time we got to the barn it was dry and the day gradually improved with it actually being really hot until we sat down for lunch and the sun went in!!!



A day of doing lots of little bits and pieces. I put the last coat of varnish on the bathroom floor while Al tidied up the annex which like the barn was getting to be a real dumping ground and hard to find anything we wanted.

We spent the rest of the morning building a stand for the composting toilet base to sit on to make it easier to maintain, then we were able to place the base in situ. Managed to find an easy hole for the vent to go out of which involved just a few rocks to move rather than drilling a hole through 60cms of stone, not much choice really!

The afternoon was setting the final joists in the annex so they are all just ready for floorboards as soon as we have a roof.

We managed to remove some fairly large slabs from the outhouse so we decided to use the largest one as a front doorstep for the outbuilding. Al tweaked the front with a grinder so that is will fit snuggly to the building.

A big tidy up in the inside of the barn and then home just before the rain began.

Final little job was putting a gate latch on the annex door which we are forever trying to prop open. It should make a difference.

We have Ekke and Cecile for supper so in need of a shower, some food prep and a glass of wine before they arrive.

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