Small jobs and wiring

Started the day with pouring rain. That continued for most of the time which gave us another opportunity to check out the weatherproofness of the roof. Low and behold, one of the previous leaks is still persistent and another two have appeared. Yet again I shall have to venture up there with a hammer, screwdrivers and a tube of mastic. Maybe we should have opted for new Spanish slates rather than the very authentic old reclaimed jigsaw.

We are starting to get some inquiries through for the chalet in Chamonix for the coming winter ski season. So following the usual internet and email session after breakfast we set about some small jobs like fitting a couple of kitchen unit doors and fettling another unit.

Then we set about sorting out all the wiring to go in the roof for lighting. The plan is to run all the lighting on 220-240v ac through an inverter off the battery. With the advent of low wattage GU10 bulbs we can use down lighters in the ceiling combined with some low wattage suspended lighting. In total I would like to get all the lighting in under 300w in total.

As shopping tomorrow in St Girons it was also a great opportunity to go through all the electrical stuff we have and make up a shopping list of whet we need to supplement it. Having brought over any surplus stuff from renovating the house in the UK and scavenged a substantial amount from Chamonix it is surprising how little extra kit we need at this stage.

Also with shopping tomorrow food stocks are low and so creative cookery was in order. I managed to make a sort of paella dish with random vegetables, loads of garlic, some lardons and whatever spices I could find. Throw in a couple of handfuls of rice and it was surprisingly tasty. Breezy even said that she would have it again; not that I could ever replicate it.

Rain swells the waterfalls opposite the barn

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