Slate Slate Slate

A very Productive day. Hans and Clive worked together slating the front roof and fitting Chatiers (air vents) to the annex. By the end of the day half the front is done! Two more good weather days should see it finished. Having the scare of not having enough slate to do the front a few days ago we have managed to get permission from different people to raid (recouperer) slate from their old roofs. We now have a few extra tons in a pile to be graded and cleaned; a boring job but someone has to do it. We may even have enough to do the back as well? Breezy and Murray had a few forays down the valley snaffling more slate during the afternoon. Well deserved beers were consumed in the bar early doors. Having worked Saturday and no time to shop we are running low on food. Need to address that soon.

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