Shops and Ceiling

We had decided to go to St Girons and collect supplies, the most exciting thing about the trip was this time we would not need to make a trip to Maccy D’s for internet access yippee do da day!!!

We had a reasonably prompt start for us and were away by 8.45am and had a long list of things to do and places to go before midday.

Got loads of building stuff from the Forgue primarily for insulating the roof and putting the ceiling up under the mezzanine and also on the main roof in the outbuilding, plus some wood to build some stairs up to the mezzanine. Very quick and easy. We threw some laundry into the laundrette before picking up some odds and ends, making a few phone calls to sort refuges out for Monday night. We are planning an overnight trip away we were hoping for it to be into Spain but sadly the refuge we wanted to stay at is closed so we have booked at a refuge in the Mont Valier area for Monday night so looking forward to some exploring over there.

Collected the clean laundry before our next port of call to buy a door mat, very important!!!

A quick trip to Carrefour on the way home for a little bit of food, petrol and gas before heading home. Saw Lee briefly in Carrefour on his way home from his hols so will catch up with him in the next week or so.

We popped in to see Annie and Dominic on our way back, they are doing quite a bit to their place so that is good and it was back to the barn for lunch in the sun.

We had a productive afternoon and managed to get the ceiling up in the mezzanine, sadly the drill bit for drilling the holes for the down lighters did not fit so Al is coming up with another plan to solve that problem.

Had our usual prawns and aioli for starters (norm after a shopping day to have fresh fish) outside before moving inside for sausage casserole for supps. A few hands of Bezique which seems to have taken over from Piquet at the moment.

Insulation and matchboard ceiling  terraceterrace  Same terraceSame terrace

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