Shopping Day…Traffic Traffic Traffic

Shopping day today as we will be full on next week with wall building. We dropped some of the floorboards back at Le Forgue and got a credit note for that so that saved a few pennies! Dad rang and so did J&S so we had catch ups all around before Al dropped me in town.

I got the laundry in and then a few bits and pieces to buy, metal BBQ skewers, jam making kit, chillis, stamps etc. Al meanwhile headed to get cement and fuses for Vinnie. Always difficult to park on market day, let alone with a trailer in tow. So this seemed the easiest and quickest way forward.

A quick petrol fill up and then food shop before heading back. We stopped for the usual water fill up and then to borrow a large plan from Rene for making some redcurrant jelly soon and then home.

Cement to unload, washing to dry, food to fridge and 2 trips with trucks to collect everything before we could enjoy our prawns and garlic dip for lunch.

We had an hour before Al had a work Skype call and I managed to get hold of Henry and Clare on Skype too which was good to hear their news.

We then had an hour of shifting sand up the hill and filling water ready for Monday morning.

Quick coolish showers as it was the first day it has been overcast for ages today but it cleared up for us to have a BBQ outside. Toulouse sausage, sweet potato and beetroot salad tossed with honey and sesame and chilli flakes, tomato and goats cheese salad and then a green salad from the garden. Sat outside with rose and enjoyed before having an early night.

Toulouse sausage

Toulouse sausage

Sausage salad supper

Sausage salad supper

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