Shopping Day….

Early start as normal for a shopping day but hard to get out of bed!!!! Sun shining and we headed down to do the usual chores.

  • Laundry in.
  • Nursery to visit where we found a lovely climbing Jasmine for the barn wall.
  • Collect laundry.
  • Al sorted stove bits.
  • Breezy huge food shop.
  • Phone calls made.

Had time for coffee with Anouk on the way back up then an hour to get unpacked etc. Donkeys have all now landed on our side of the fence so we have given up trying to keep them out of our small area!

Usual prawns and garlic dip in the sun before attacking a few jobs in the afternoon.

  • Big bramble pick.
  • Varnished new table top for outside.
  • HUGE tidy up inside.

Just in time before Chris arrived to have a look at the back wall and see if it is something he can help us with for chanvre chaux.

Al and I just had time for a quick bit of food prep before Ian turned up which was a lovely surprise to see where we were at with the DIY. Lee turned up shortly afterwards as we had invited him for supper. A few beers and nibbles before Ian left.

Al cracked on and made great chicken fajitas which we managed to eat outside by candlelight with the outside fire going. Great to catch up with Lee who we have not seen so much of as he is now more UK based. Next time hope we can get some hiking in together with him.

Left the washing up till the morning and hit the sack.

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