Second Delivery

Delivery Day 2 and the truck had arrived at the end of the track before us and had already started unloading masses of materials….and we were just beginning to ponder just how  long shifting all of it was going to take when peep peep Monsieur Le Mayor arrives in full force…luckily on our side, giving the driver what for on why he would not transport the materials up to the Bergerie. He gave it his best shot but to no avail Monsieur Cazale was having none of it and continued unloading!!! At least my concerns re the mayor making life difficult for us were now no more. Phew.

Hans a lovely Dutch chap arrived today to work with us. He has a place just the other side of  Seix and has lots of  experience on roofing so a great asset to the team.

So another day of shifting materials up the track for Chris, Murray and I, while Al and Hans attacked the dismantling of the roof.

Luckily the weather was reasonable which made life a lot easier.


End of the day was highly amusing as after many ideas and thoughts re the large wood and how to get it there the end decision was to get Chris’s 4X4 truck with the wood on balanced with the muck truck behind. It looked very funny and I think we all had our doubts if it would actually work but it did at a snails pace it was manoeuvred all the way up to near the front door. This had to be done twice since the wood was so heavy.

Thank goodness we did get it moved that night because with all the rain over night it would not have happened the next day.

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