Scrabble & Sausage

We woke up to low cloud but this soon cleared to be a lovely day weather wise.

The morning we spent in the outbuilding, cleaning the walls and de vegging the place it looked a bit like a very neglected green house.

We also managed to make 3 easy holes in the 60cms thick walls which was a real bonus. These will be to take water into the building, water out of the building and a vent for the wood burning stove which we hope to install to keep us cosy.

Henri (the mayor) came by to see us and see what we were up to. He seemed on good form and had no problems with our work, always a relief.

Lovely roast chuck butties in the sun before afternoon duties!!!

Finished the walls which was great, had a visit from Lou Lou who is our closest neighbour and got some strimming done to make access around the barn easier and less wet on the feet first thing in the morning.

When we popped in to see Annie the other day she had said we could borrow the cement mixer so we made another trip down to Annie and across the little bridge which consists of 3 telegraph poles tied together carrying a cement mixer over a fast flowing river….always very happy to be across the river safely rather than in it with the cement mixer!!!

Had quite a social trip while collecting the cement mixer as managed to catch up with Freddy for a quick wine at the bar, Clive as he was working on Raymond’s place and Cecile who was en route to open up one of the gites.

Back for a lovely shower…you may well think how is that possible….well Al bought me a lovely little shower bag for Christmas, which you hang up in the sun during the day and lo and behold at night once the sun has heated it up we have a hot shower, wonderful I can tell you. Just managed to have the showers before the Mayor passed by to collect a load of wood from opposite, 2 minutes earlier and he would have had a bit of a shock!!!

Scrabble and sausage casserole for supps.

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