Saturday Shop n Wash

Having run out of food and with Clive, Giselle and the kid turning up tomorrow we had to go shopping. We always seem to be on a mission when we go down the valley with a short list of what we need to get in each shop before the shut at noon. Add to that the laundrette and having to get there as the machine finishes so that our lovely clean clothes don’t end up on the floor as someone else wants the machine. Then we always bump into someone we know; Lee was at La Forgue, he was meeting Justine and Emily for lunch at the market and invited us to join. Then Clive was in Mr Brico so we got the chance to ask him to bring more crockery on Sunday.

By lunch time we had all our supplies and had to get back to the barn to get washing dry and meat in the cooler so missed lunch with Lee.

In the afternoon we finished fitting glass and Breezy sealed some trestles we bought for a makeshift table for lunch tomorrow.

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