Saturday Market + more glue & screw

On Sunday we have Alison and Peter coming up for lunch and we fancy doing a paella so off to St Girons for a food shop. As ever when in town we have a list of stuff to sort out at the same time. It always includes laundry but today we also had wood to buy, a generator to collect, a present to buy from the market, some post to get off and a gerry can to fill. The generator was not fixed and they could not tell us when it would be, other than that we ticked it all in record time. We also found a man on the market who could supply a mattress to fit the mezzanine. We just need to collect next week. Yippee! No more pumping up air beds and negotiating the cravass between them.

Back to the barn for lunch and back on the stairs. A bit more tricky than yesterday as the second stringer got put on with the treads in between. More glue and screw action.

Checked emails for Ski Breezy and off down the valley for supper with Clive and Gisselle. Just before we left Breezy spotted a young deer in the meadow below the barn. Good food and company and thankfully their dog is still alive and friendly.


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