Running out of odd jobs

As we are awaiting a weather window to go on a road trip to Spain we have not got our teeth into any large projects. Partly out of lack of materials but also the large projects are on the ground floor and to start them would mean clearing the space (moving everything) until the job was complete (long time).

In the meantime we are planning materials required for the summer to get a delivery in and tackling smaller jobs, which are still important but not as satisfying. Some of the jobs are from the “must do” list and some are from the “nice to” list.

A job from the “must do” list is plumbing the sink upstairs in so that the waste goes outside the building. At first we started by scoping what materials we needed in order to put them on the shopping list, but we found that we had enough in stock from last year.

That completed we, started making a desk area upstairs using an old worktop and the base of an old table, both salvage from Chamonix. In between varnish coats drying we wired in some lighting downstairs.

The weather was wet all day… no change there.

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