Rainy Day Indoor Jobs.

We woke up to hear the rain hooning it down outside not conducive to get up. 

Tackled the Ski Breezy internet catch up firstly and then we finished screwing and gluing the door. Fitted it, hung it and varnished it, looking good.

Then I battled with making the window beading as we were using quarter rounds…my brain was struggling with angles so Al came to the rescue!!! All ready now we just need to fit it in place.

Not really a salad day but we had falafel salad for lunch which was a nice change inside as it was pouring with rain.

All was going well in the afternoon, second varnish on the door, oak beam in place on the otherside of the window mainly for looks rather than structural.

Then it was just fitting the glass panes et voila…or maybe not. Sadly Al managed to touch one of the panes of glass with 2 tacks to go and the chu**ing thing broke. So near but so far. A bit of a shame but could have been worse…so we then had to get the glass out carefully without it dropping on the floor. Delicately done and we have it out. Now just need to buy another pane of glass and fit it in. The bottom pane looks great though. Should get it finished on Sat after shopping day.

Still raining so cups of tea and catch up time indoors before omlettes for supper. End of the week rations running low….

Sun is due to return tomorrow so that will be good.

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