Promising start

Woke up this morning to the sunshine streaming in through the front window at 7.30am. All looked promising for getting chimneys in on the main barn. By 9am, after catching up on emails and blogging etc half the sky was covered with a layer of cloud.

First job after internet was to collect our new cooker, which had been delivered to the Auberge while we were in Spain. We really fancied one of those range style (piano the French say) gas cookers but trying to find one that did not rely on electric for the grill was difficult. Then we found that Beko do a double oven conventional size cooker with a gas grill. British made, and generally available in France and Spain, But not that model.

While we were away we ended up finding a brand new one on Ebay in the UK and a “Man with a Van” who would deliver. Jobs a carrot, done.

Cooker collected we then called in with Raymond to book in for the chilli night on Saturday for the Fête de la Music.

Having started on ebay, delivered to a farm in Yorkshire, trundled down through France, stored in a garage in Salau and carried in Vinnie a couple of miles off road; the last leg was in the Mucktruck to get up to the barn. Then we tied it up and used the chain hoist to get it up to the first floor where it now resides awaiting a conversion kit to LPG and a connection hose.

Sky became overcast and rain threatening so chimneys is not an option. Instead we made some templates out of card for the plasterboard to go around the chimneys.

After lunch the rain started and the ceiling in the new porch got some attention. By the end of the day all was insulated; all the electrics above it done and plasterboarded.

Roast chicken with marmite potatoes for sups.

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