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The sun was shining, contrary to the forecast which was a bonus. So we headed up with Debs to start another day… We had a morning of shifting the slate again…nearly there now and Debs and I graded it whilst catching up on the news. The bonfire was going and can hardly believe we have finally nearly got rid of it all. We then progressed with finishing the steps outside to make the entrance safer to get in and out of, very important for Sept when we are trying to get the roof on the building. Looks great. We left Debs in charge whilst we went in search of the elusive Mayor….unfortunately he was out lunching so a bit of a wasted trip but then all of a sudden a middle aged French man jumped out of the car and rushed over to kiss me….how much did I really drink last night I thought not to recognize him?!!! But it was Monsieur Torte who sold us the Bergerie (who we had not yet met) and obviously word had got around who we were and he was there with his friend Pierre to go through a few things… So poor Debs was left for another hour whilst we went around the land, the boundaries and picked up loads of fab tips from mushrooming to Wild Boar casserole recipes, to secret swimming spots. We were both exhausted though afterwards speaking French at 500 miles an hour non stop!!! Our French I am sure will improve!!! Spent the rest of the pm finishing the wall which looks great before we opened the chilled fizz from the river and sat for an hour just chatting etc. A lovely way to end the day. Fantastic to be able to share our plans with Debs and what a difference having an extra pair of hands to help out on how much more we got done and motivational levels too. Thanks Monti Bianco!!

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