Porch finished

For some reason I thought it was still Friday. Breezy has been busy over breakfast making a list of things that need to be “shut down” for when we head off on Monday and I though that it was a little premature. I was thinking that we had we were short of a little food for Sunday night but never considered that I had lost a day somewhere. “Diots and salad tonight, Lardons and pasta tomorrow, but what are we gonna eat on Sunday?”

Breezy put me right!

Anyway, after the normal healthy breakfast and short internet session we set about finishing the inside of the porch area around the far door. Table circular saw, chop saw, power sander and power plane, hammers, nails and cordless drills at the ready we managed to get rid of more of the stock of wood to finish the porch. The result is a rather rustic mosaic of bits of forklift pallet. Still left to do is to seal the partition walls to the barn walls, insulate the ceiling inside the porch, plasterboard and tile the floor. Then we will have finished about 7% of downstairs. It all sounded quite good progress until I got to the 7% bit. Only another 93% to go!

By the time we had finished and had a coffee the rain had stopped and we had time to cut a few loads of logs to restock the log store by the outbuilding. Then hot soup lunch.

In the afternoon Breezy sorted out food stocks and I cleared up tools and sawdust (for the composting toilet). A few bits of insulation went up in the ceiling and early showers before heading down to the bar in the village. Back for supper, DVD and bed.

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