Porch 2 Begins

Woke up to another blue sky day ahead of us. A stint on the computers catching up as always a few more bookings taken for Ski Breezy always a good start to the day!

It was then back to the tree felling so we are gradually filling up another wood store for future use and clearing the meadow land behind the veggie plot. It is hot work with the fire going but we are slowly making good progress, it just takes time.

We did a quick forage for brambles before lunch and got around 500g so great for breakfast and you never know may even get around to making a tart before we go!

A light lunch as neither of us very hungry after our rhubarb cake mid morning snack!

Afternoon, well a couple of hours was set aside for starting the second porch. Mainly making a framework and working out how to fix it in place. We have been putting this off with the lovely weather and wanting to be outside but we are really wanting the place animal proove before we go and this needs doing if this is to happen!

Very hot showers and then a quick forage and came back with some more pied de moutons and some parasols excellent we have a starter for tonight from the land!

We had a game of rummikub outside before having our wild mushie starter. Just simply fried in olive oil and served with pita bread no need for anything else twas scrummy! BBQed pork ribs marinaded in cumin and coriander plus some veggies from the garden.

Then a night of star gazing it was not too cold and there were thousands of them but no luck with shooting stars maybe tomorrow.



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