Pointing Preparation

An overcast day in the Salau valley. After a normal start of cereals and fruit, coffee for me and of course a diet coke for Breezy, we set about more preparation work before pointing the inside of the main barn begins in earnest.

One window to finish and then fitting battens to the roof joists at the gable ends so that we have a straight edge to use for when the ceilings go in. We channelled in some conduits into the upstairs walls so that we can feed mains cables through later and fit sockets. Another conduit all the way up the wall to take a lighting feed at a later date. The current plan is to have a mains ring and all inside lighting running off a 600w inverter and a couple of auxiliary lights and the fridge running off 12v straight off the battery.

With only the fridge attached to the battery at the moment and 2 x 85w solar panels the system seems to be quite happy. Before the inverter gets attached we have another 85w panel to supplement the power input.

Breezy spread the ash from the stove over the garden and sowed some more rocket just before the rain arrived again.

A frustrating half hour was spent searching for a new diamond glass cutter we brought over from the UK. Even when we did locate it, the first attempt at cutting glass produced a nice crescent shaped break instead of the perfectly straight sharp cut we desired. The glass cutter went in a pot and we reverted to plan B which is to go and buy glass next time we are in St Girons.

Both now showered now with roast chicken to look forward to.

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