Pointing begins

We rose early expecting Hans to come and start work with us. By 0830hrs he had not showed so we started ourselves. Last year we had a token start on the right of the bathroom door so we continued on that wall and the results were promising. I was delighted, not so much with the finish but that Breezy and I were still talking at the end of the day and that she also was pleased with the progress.

Our only prior experience was doing the outhouse we are now living in. At that time our best information was to wear old clothes, goggles and gloves and make the mortar into balls in your hands and throw it at the gaps between the stones. Once completely clarted, the walls that is, then brush with a wet hand brush to smooth over to achieve the desired effect. You can imagine what carnage 2 people on a confined space throwing lime mortar can make. Needless to say that Breezy was not looking forward to pointing up any walls.

This technique differs quite a lot. Mix the mortar, put a dollop on a board and use a pointing trowel to force it into the gaps. No chemical warfare suits required! Once hardened but not completely gone off use a wire brush to rub away any excess mortar and expose any hidden rocks as you desire.

The result is a rather pleasing, fairly flat wall with the rocks exposed.

Having completed our target area we prepared the next area for the following day. This entails raking out the earth and any loose stones and brushing it down.

Spicy casseroled chicken and baked spuds for supper.

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