After an excellent sleep, not even the howling wind woke me…Al had to get up in the middle of the night to put the window back in. I heard nothing.

The weather had obviously changed, it was really warm with a very warm wind blowing, but clear, clear blue skies.

Brekky and washing up from the night before and then it was commencing the platform for the treehouse.

Al, spent the first couple of hours prepping the upper platform into a state that we could both work on it and hope to get things stabilized.

We worked through until nearly 3pm and by this stage we had got the main struts vaguely level and the leg supports ready to attach.

Lots of swinging from ropes in uncomfortable harnesses made actions more speedy.

Attaching the main legs was quite tricky, getting the legs in place, supported and then drilling the holes to accept bolts, wellying the bolts through with lump hammers and then tightening them up all in precarious postions!!!!

Being suspended from ropes, balanced on an unstable platform which was hanging from pulleys did not feel quite as secure as I would have wished…..but as time wore on like anything, by the end of the day it felt positively safe!!!

After lunch in the sun we attacked getting the second leg in place and this like normal was considerably quicker than the first as we knew what we were aiming to achieve.

Some very large nails to secure these in place were in order.

We had 2 other large lengths of wood to finish the platform which all went quite smoothly, lifting them up and then nailing them into postion.

Anyway, you can see from the piccys the end result.

It is a start…we think we will leave it like this for the winter and then put a deck up there in the spring time just in case it is a large snow year and the thing collapses before we get a chance to have dinner up there!!!!

Hot showers, hair wash, much needed and then off to Clive’s for a drink and to get some info on buying ladders from someone he recommends. Still £450 for a pair of ladders seems a lot of money so think we will continue to swing from ropes until we really need them…Yorkshireness maybe showing through.

Back from Chicken Curry al al Al, think it will be good.




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