Plaster Board Entertainment

Up early as it was the weekly St Girons day and lists were huge.

A quick brekky, sun shining again which was good news and off we trundled.  We dropped the strimmer in for a service as it is not running very well so makes things much harder work than they should be. then on to Le Forgue to load 10 sheets of 1.20mx 2.50m plasterboard on to the roof rack and collected a few more odds and ends.

On to get the muck truck wheels and trailer wheels inflated before a quick trip to Bricolage for garden stuff.

Whirlwind continued with washing chucked in the laundrette, collected salad plants and plants from gamme vert, re collected the clean washing, bought phone cards and then finally on to Carrefour for a big food shop and all before 10.30am!!! We both hate shopping so the quicker the better.

Slight mishap on the way back with a wing mirror smash with another van, luckily we had the window open otherwise I think it would have smashed the drivers window as well. Nobody hurt so that was the main thing.

We passed Olivier (donkey man) on the way back who is bringing the donkeys up to graze, not with us for a while as they are opposite but at least they are on their way sometime, rumours were spreading that he was not grazing this year so very happy that they are.

We decided to tackle the heavy work before lunch, washing on the line, food in the fridge then 10 loads of lugging the huge sheets of plasterboard up the hill. Not the easiest of things to manoeuvre and took a couple of hours. As well as then having to wiggle them upstairs through a tight gap which was amusing again but we got a system going so it went quite quickly. Only another 20 odd to go….

A delicious lunch on the top terrace, fresh prawns and garlic dip and fresh French bread, perfecto.

We had to reassemble the muck truck back together. As much as I love this machine, definitely a design fault with getting wheels back on. Only way to do it is to deflate the tyres but not too much to squeeze them back over the middle tyres. Anyway, all done and serviced by Al so ready for use again.

A quick last load of things up from the van before planting the flowers into the bed on the top terrace and all the salad into the garden too, should have an abundance of salad soon to keep us going over the summer, lovely.

Final bits to do was chopping 29 baton lengths for the insulation and pre nailing them all for easy assembling skills later on.

Seem to have got loads done today, a quick wash up, hot showers and internet before we head to Clive and Giselle’s for supper.

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