Picnic Invite & Roast Chicken

The day started overcast so Breezy and I set to filling the last of the large gaps in the walls of the outhouse with stones. The theory being that we have loads of stones and we have to pay for lime, cement and sand. True Yorkshire!


Then to playing with lime mortar, slow to start with until we got the hang of it; a mixture of pointing trowels, fingers and throwing blobs into awkward gaps and joints. Once in the joints you leave until starting to go hard, trowel off anything you don’t want and smooth with a wet brush (stiff brush with a handle). This smoothes the mortar and fills any small holes. The whole lot drys white. The later you leave the mortar before brushing the coarser the finish. Be warned it wears out brushes quickly.

Lee showed up just before lunch as we were finishing a mix of lime. Great to catch up and arranged to go for a walk in the next week or so. Lee is a mine of information about the area as he gets out and has explored loads. Looking forward to chatting when I don’t have lime everywhere.

In the afternoon the sky cleared and it was really hot; we made a bench from some of the wood the AFP cut down when massacring the hedge by the piste, and installed it in front of the out house. We cleared a route along the terrace to get to where we started playing with a tree platform just as Alison and Peter dropped in with their two girls. Tea and beer and an invite to a picnic tomorrow.

Finished off the day concreting around the pipes we put through the walls of the out building ready to do the joints (pointing).

Roast chicken dinner, mmm.

The Start of The Pointing.....The Start of The Pointing…..

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