Phew Window in, Walls Still Standing

Another early start to be ready for Clive’s arrival.

Al’s shoulder still very painful so I shifted the sand up the hill while Al prepped all the other stuff ready to go.

Breakfast and then off we go again. Last bit of wall  to fill up and safety again.

Al was mixing, Clive re building and I was carrying and shovelling. It all went very quickly and by 11am we were done and dusted. Clive helped us move the largest of the rocks to the back which I would struggle to lift they are enormous and we can shift the rest in our own time.

Took a good hour or so to tidy up, get Clive’s kit back down the hill and loaded up and he was off. Thanks Clive it looks great and we are really pleased with it.

All that was left was for Al and I to screw the window frame in and put the window in and all looks good.

Showers in the sun and then a delicious mackerel salad lunch in the sun before a very relaxed afternoon, much needed.

Al had a RDV with Francoise for his shoulder so I did a few chores in the village before having a drink at the bar, catching up wtih Anouk and Jean Claude.

Al came out a new man from his treatment, although still in pain very much reduced and all being well no serious long term damage which is a relief. Peter turned up for the week end so a quick beer/rose with him before heading back up the hill for some blanquette and another delicious supper. Marinaded chicken legs with herbs from the garden cooked in the outdoor cooker, lentil salad and a green salad with coriander from the garden and a mint and lime dressing. Oh we do eat well and enjoy our food!

Both relieved that the window is in, wall rebuilt and work mainly done. Just need to make some shutters now and point the inside wall and it will look great. Transforming downstairs already.


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