Permit Seeking

First thing we set about the “Permit de Travaux” filling in all the paperwork; gathering all the stuff we needed and preparing what we were going to say to the Marie in the afternoon.

Having got 2 ½ ton of ballast in Murray’s trailer and left it at the start of the 4×4 track we then proceeded to shift it in 6 loads in the back of Vinnie up to the grange.

Once  unloaded, we took the trailer back to Annie and Murray. Then declined a cup of tea and liberated their cement mixer. Feels a bit rude as we are on a mission to get as much done as possible and they have been so good to us. Once we have a new roof I hope we will be a bit more laid back and have time to spend on others. In the meantime we have to hope that what comes around goes around?

Finally got to take the papers to the Marie; the door is locked and nobody there. A pattern is emerging. We hang around; catch Murray as he is working locally; sit in Vinnie and play word mastermind and wait. The Mayor finally turns up; lengthy discussions and we submit the paperwork; it gets approval and we see it put in an envelope and addressed. At last we may have permission to put a new roof on!

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