Outdoor work

Once again the sun is streaming in the window when the alarm went off so definitely a day for working outdoors.

Cleared the ground between the two terraces for planting up together then I got back on the roof with a bucket of tools and attacked the leaks while Breezy started carefully taking forklift pallets apart. When I was done with the mastic I joined Breezy. The aim was to make a compost bin similar to my Fathers using the boards of the pallets. Each board is notched to slot into the one below. Managed to complete the bin before lunch; or at least as much as we could with the wood from 3 pallets. It is amazing how low the bin is with that much wood, but at least it is free and dead easy to add to once further pallets are gleaned.

After lunch we set about lopping branches off the big fir tree behind the barn; lifting the foliage with a view to building another terrace. All that we lopped off we burnt along with the grass we had strimmed before. Further plans for that area include some raised beds for vegetables at some stage this year ready for use next season.

Finished the day making a kitchen roll holder, showering and sharing a bottle of Blanquette on the top terrace before trout salad supper.

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