Outdoor Tidy Up

We woke to low lying cloud when it was forecast sun but actually it worked out well as it was perfect for outdoor work, not too hot, dry and no bugs about. Hoorah.

We cleared more great compost from under the terrace to fill the second raised bed. For once an advantage in being small, not many people can get under that terrace, yet along dig out compost! Second raised bed now full and ready for veg.

The area below the terrace has been a right old mess so we wanted to clear it from rocks, bindweed and nettles and create a new area there in due course. Some large rocks shifted and only one left which I cannot lift with Al so waiting for some strong men.

We have friends arriving soon and they may camp so we wanted to strim the back terrace so it would be OK if they want to camp to put a tent there. I think once they see the state of inside camping may look a great option!!!! Looks much better. We have also cleared the area around where the back terrace window will go so that access is clear all ready for go when we plan to start in a weeks time.

Al did a quick strim around the front of the barn whilst I prepped some lunch. It is amazing how it feels so much better when things look tidier gives you space to work as such….

The mist came down and we had lunch outside and managed to get the trailer roadworthy again just before we moved inside as it was getting wet.

Al tackled the final sand we hope in the bathroom and I cleared the area below sky lights ready to get the sky light boxes in place. So another shift of scaff and we now have one of the box frames in place, looks good. Cup of tea and then time for showers in the mizzle not quite the same as hot solar showers in the sunshine!!!

Al concocting tonight a roast chicken casserole with apple, bacon and mushies should be good.


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