Our 400th post

This is or 400th web post on the blog. I know there are some random recipes and data stuff but it does mean that we have had at least a year of daily postings of activity on the barn and adventures on foot in the Pyrenees. When I reflect on that we have accomplished quite a lot from when we bought the place. And for the first year all we did was shore up the roof and try and gain permission to replace it.

Anyway, today is shopping day. List in hand we head down the valley. Vinnie has started making some concerning noises. Or I should say they are getting louder and demanding more attention. So one item on the list is a visit to the van doctor.

All ticks on the list, we get to the doctor and, low, all symptoms miraculously disappear.

Back at the barn for fresh prawns. A second coat of paint is applied and a bit of weeding in the afternoon and then Seared trout salad in the evening.

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