Mum and Dad’s Visit

The morning was spent trying to sort out Vinnie. Patrick very kindly gave us a lift down to Vinnie to hand the keys over to the garage tow service and then gave us a lift home. Now we will wait and see what AGF say? Mum and Dad arrived at about 11.30 after a lovely drive over from St Girons via Alos, we have yet to do it, but it is meant to be lovely. We had a coffee at the bar, which was busy with the chase and other folk. Then we headed up in Patrick’s 4X4 to show Mum and Dad the Bergerie. Not great weather but not raining and even better that we could see the cascades even if we could not see the top of the mountains. Al and I had had a trial run re getting Mum up the hill in the trailer with the muck truck and all padded out for her it worked a treat. I was very pleased that we got up to the back of the bergerie so that Mum could see it all in action. We also managed to get Mum inside the bergerie too. We had a snack picnic lunch at the back with a bottle of rose, local cheeses and wild boar salami which all went down really well. We sent Mum and Dad off for another mountain drive in the pm while we tried to sort out the van!!!! Nothing went to plan and good old Patrick lent us hiss car to get to St Girions to meet M&D for supper a their hotel. A lovely night, with everyone on great form and a band playing too. We left in sheeting rain to head back to Salau and hope for better weather….

Modern Transport On Site

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