Mouse out

A late start after the interrupted (mouse) kip. Drizzle and low cloud. Not much chance of charging the battery with solar today. It’s getting a bit alarming as we have only a few days left before we leave and the battery is showing 84%. We could do with getting it back up to 100% before we leave so it is in a good state when we get back.


Started the day by taking another forklift pallet apart to generate enough timber to clad the blue bin we are using to gather rainwater off the roof Fitted that and then onto making windows for the toilet area in the main barn. Slowly we will get all the little things prepared before an onslaught of work to get the main barn sorted out.

It was gone 3pm before we had lunch and then finished the windows. We had a little surprise over lunch when I spotted a fat furry mouse sat on a rock in the solar box warming itself. The cheeky little bugger must have used the pipe under the floor to get in. I immediately went to get the spanners to take the box apart. The little tyke shot under the stones but hopefully did not gain the pipe before we emptied the box and applied mesh over the entry. Perhaps that is the end of the mouse problem?

A little sun poked out but not enough to make an impression on the battery. Having cleared away we went on a small forage for mushrooms and came back with another couple of Bolletes to bolster the starter for this evening. Showers and update the blog before roast chuck and baked pots.

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