More Strimming and Cleared Veggie Plot

Happy Birthday Laney we were thinking of you and raised a glass to you in the evening too.

Sun shining again making the choice of what to do a great deal easier.

We wanted to finish digging out the veg patch and strimming the back terrace in the morning so we could plant some lettuces and beans in the evening when it was cooler.

We swapped around between us one strimming and the other digging and weeding and by midday we had the veggie plot ready for planting, the back terrace strimmed as well as some paths to the back strimmed making access easier. Chimney pots (called slate tiles) replaced on the chimneys at the back of the barn which had come off with all the snow during the winter.

We then had a couple of hours fettling the bikes and the van ready for our trip. Now full of climbing gear, camping gear, bikes and anything else you can imagine.

A late lunch and then we planted the lettuces, beans, sun flowers and sweet peas and watered them in.

Had a bit of a plan re getting materials on site and logisitics for getting the main floor down when we get back. A huge job and we are just hoping that Le Forgue will deliver to the bridge otherwise, we are going to need to re assess again.

Another hot shower and we headed down to Salau for more water to confirm dates for Dad at the auberge and to try and touch base with Clive but to no avail. We had forgotten their landline numbers and no reception with the mobiles.

Back for another anchovy salad starter and then sausages with pesto potatoes and beans in between a battle of cards. Great to sit outside till 10pm as it is warm enough and light enough too.

Feel like we have made quite a lot or progress in a couple of days even if doing just lots of pottering jobs.


Veggie PatchVeggie Patch  Veggie PatchVeggie Patch Back Terrace StrimmedBack Terrace Strimmed


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