More pointing

Woke up to blue sky which stayed for most of the day which was great not to be in the drizzle to work.

I shifted the sand up to the barn while Al got a mix going on the ongoing chore of getting the outbuilding pointed and bug proof, will we ever get there????

Henri popped by and said that he would come by at 1:30pm ish to help us with getting the water butts up full of water to behind the outhouse.

So began the challenge Henri arrived with his motor bruette (wheelbarrow) which can carry 600kg so half filled one of the butts and then spent the next few hours trying to heave and ho with it up the hill balancing acts and all sorts of problems, would have been much easier to empty it and then do a load of trips to fill it once in situ, anyway, it was a good way to get to know Henri a bit more!!! He has been very kind to us and says if we need anything to just ask, which is a plus.

The afternoon we spent strimming with the new gadget which was fab so we have a clear terrace out the back and shifting slate to the front.

Decided to have a BBQ so used Ken’s brasserie dual purpose until we get his wedding gift, the real BBQ out here when we will be BBQ’ing all the time I guess. Steaks with jackets and BBQ veggies was lovely. We have been so lucky to be able to sit out most evenings until it gets dark and hitting the sack at about 10pm.

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