More drizzle

By the time we had finished gathering stuff in St Girons we headed back to the gite for our sandwiches. Still drizzle and cold.

Everything up at the grange was sodden. A failed attempt to get the truck up the hill to unload the ballast meant that I had to reverse it down again onto flat ground. In doing so one of the rear wheels sunk into a hole by a mole hill. It would not go up or down so out came the 2 ton chain hoist that Stevie gave us. One end on a strop on a tree and the other on the front of the truck and lots of pulling slowly got it out. Once out we set about indoor stuff thinking that if we are gonna get soaked shovelling ballast and muck trucking it up the hill we may as well do it just before we leave.

Inside we gathered all the bits of the toilet and tried to figure out what did what. With careful measuring we used Ekke’s jigsaw and cut a hole in the perfectly good floor we had laid in the annex to accept the toilet. While the generator was running we also cut a hole in the hot box we had made to accept a duct. About the only other preparation we could do for tomorrow was to get all the poplar boards down from upstairs in the barn ready for putting on the outhouse roof. The only thing left was to empty the truck and trailer in the rain.

Back at the gite we started to cook as Lee and Annie were coming over for supper. Intention was to do roast chuck but the bird was still frozen so changed plan to pork. Cecile had given us a recipe for a dessert we wanted to try. It’s a sort of short crust pastry tart so we gave it a whirl. Mix an egg with 100g sugar, add that to 250g self raising flour and rub in like you would for crumble, add 100ml of good olive oil to get a pasrty sort of consistency, throw on a load of sliced apple, glaze with apricot jam and throw it in an oven for half hour. Came out great! Had a fab evening with lots of laughter.

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