Long French Lunch

Sadly the forecast was right and we woke to low cloud and mizzle. Al and I cracked on with a bit of internet before picking Dad up. Change of plan due to weather. We decided on doing some collecting of things with a long French lunch in the middle. So we popped down to Lee’s to collect the fire plate for one of the wood burners. Lee was not in but we passed him on the way back for a quick hello. He heads back to the UK for a bit tomorrow.

Ian had recommended a new restaurant for us to try in Oust which we decided we would give a whirl. What a fun place. Le Garbet is just in Oust and full of locals. A set menu for 13€ was great fun and even better value. The starters just arrived a lovely terrine with beetroot and melon on the side which actually worked quite well.

Then we had lamb and steaks which were excellent, some local cheeses and ice creams, coffee and local plonk all was good!!!! Dad treated us which was very kind too.

We then swung by Ian’s on the way back to see his progress and also to see if he had any walnut we could use for a light fitting. He very kindly gave us a lovely plank which we think will make a cracking feature upstairs in the barn.

Back up the valley and dropped Dad at the auberge for a shower and read while we got back prepped some food, did some internet and caught up a bit before collecting Dad for the evening entertainment.

We played chequers and had nibbles upstairs and then Al cooked some marinaded chicken and BBQed courgettes on the BBQ and some cards to end the night. Not quite the same as sitting outside but upstairs worked quite well and was warm too.

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