Lie in and catch up day

No Alarm! Back in the land of donkeys with bells round their necks; we both slept soundly with only a couple of premature wakings due to the beasts outside. A leisurely breakfast before booting up the satellite internet and catching up with the blog and email enquiries for accommodation in the chalet this winter.

After lunch we went foraging for brambles which gave us an ice cream container full to supplement our fruit for breakfasts. There is something nice about free food.

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to getting organised again. Starting with a short list of things to be completed before Breezy’s Father arrives on Tuesday.

  • Finish pointing the wall
  • Finish cleaning the edges of the wooden floor upstairs
  • Make a 3rd raised bed out the back
  • Make a stable table top for outside (so that we don’t have to keep taking the trestle table in & out)
  • Clear the compost from under the terrace & make good with geotextile fabric
  • Strim the remaining bracken
  • Food plan for the next week

Looks like tomorrow is back to pointing so in preparation we shifted everything away from the front wall of the barn to get access to the base of the wall which still needs filling. This also gave us access to the front window which once removed from the hole allowed Breezy to varnish the sill. The window went in last year and we never got round to it at the time. In doing it we also managed to finish a tin of varnish that was salvage from a skip giving us more room on the paint shelf in the workshop.

Last bit of finishing work before showering was to wire brush the woodwork around the new window in the gable end. A rotary brush on an old electric drill does a great job but does clart the user in fine dust. A couple of corks from Blanquette bottles screwed to the timber now stop the window opening too far onto the stone work and the window is complete.

Duck salad and an episode of All Creatures Great and Small before bed again.

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