Let the floor commence!!!

Woke up to the sun shining again but forecast was to change in the pm so we decided to do some small outdoor jobs before the rain arrived.

We swept down all the terraces from saw dust and then I gave the new terrace sawn ends a colour to match the brown wood rather than seeing yellow from the piste. We then made some bean poles for our beans to grow up from some small saplings.

It was then time for a quick sweep up inside very dust job before we had lunch in the sun delicious salad with loads of goodies in it and just in time as the rain arrived pretty soon afterwards.

Stage 1 for the floor was to lay some batons so we can then attach floorboards to them. Lining the batons up, marking holes, drilling wood, drilling the cement floor and then attaching the batons to the floor. All pretty easy but a bit of a fiddle.

Quick cuppa in the sun again and then we started to lay the floor boards, sadly the clamps don’t work as batons not deep enough so Al made some make shift pieces of wood to do the trick. They work well but just takes a bit longer to do. Anyway, we have made a start and have done 6 strips of wood down as a start to our new floor. Still a way to go….

We were both filthy so big showers and extra watering can full of water to make sure we got rid of all the dust!!!! and now having a cook fest. Roast chicken cooking, beef in beer and pork cuzza cooking too. Going to be wet and miserable so they say for next few days so good warming, comfort food on the go for the next few days.


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