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Started with a lie in. Yippee. It is what we both needed, Breezy more than Al though!!!
Another glorious morning, blue skies and a real frost, my favourite time of year.
We headed up to the barn around 11.30am just before the sun got on it and had a productive yet relatively easy day with lots of entertainment on the way…
We decided to start a large fire to tidy up as we really want to leave the place looking respectable before we go and not like a building site. Lots to burn but luckily all very dry so burning very quickly.
Al had also thought that it would be a bonus to get the floor joists in the annex ready for our return in the spring. So we prepped them as much as we could ready to get them set in the walls tomorrow.
We then had the joyous task of preserving the two external rafters, which we had forgotten about. A job which would have taken two minutes on the ground but as we had forgotten about them it took the best part of 3 hours, a bit of a pain but done now.
Just sitting down to lunch and Al was fettling the fire when our hearts sank. the Gendarmes arrived…oh no not by foot or by car but by helicopter onto our land!!! My heart was doing several hundred to the minute and when I located Al at the fire his was doing the same. After a few minutes we decided we best brave the Gendarmes and headed over to them. Charming they were, hoping they had not disturbed our peace and quiet. They were actually waiting to go and collect the medic who was dealing with a fatal accident up Mont Rouch just opposite us. I honestly thought they were here to whisk us away!!!
Relief by us both so we finished preserving the wood and then looked around to find 2 Gendarmes in Vinnie…jeepers now what? So we waved and descended. The chap who had fallen and died was driving a VW and they were in search of it and thought it was Vinnie.
They were also very curious to who we were and are preparing to come back and take our details…all a bit odd but we are sort of getting used to it.
A perfect end to a relaxing, different day sipping a bottle of fizz by the fire as it died down.

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