Laney arrives

Laney is due in on the 2.30pm bus at St Girons. It is also shopping day so a delayed trip down the valley gives Breezy and I a chance to catch up on internet stuff and emails.

We set off just before noon with a packed lunch and a cunning plan. Food shop first at Carrefour, then building materials, then laundry in and Breezy walks across town to look at cookers while I drive to Mr Bricolage to get some more materials. Back to the laundrette just in time to pick up Breezy and Laney to head back up the valley. Small detour to drop off some supplies to Alison and Peter in Salau before exposing Laney to the new found comforts of the barn.

Drinks and nibbles on the terrace before Paella and salad super.

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