Kitchen Progress

The sun is still shining and the days are hot so Al set too first thing with some strimming of the bracken. One more hour and that will all be clear again for this year.

I did a few chores after giving the work surfaces another scrape down and another oiling and then set too with a couple of hours of Ski Breezy work which seems to be taking a back seat at the moment.

After that we decided to crack on with sorting the kitchen. I coated the kitchen units with another lick of paint whilst Al set about making some skirting boards for below them.

A quick lunch and Al did a quick trip to the village for a few bits and pieces phonecalls, rubbish, Clive, water etc etc and then once he returned an assembly job in the afternoon, all looking good except the sink which although was free is hideous and makes fitting some what problematic so I think we are going to go shopping for a nicer new sink to fit in with the fab kitchen which is emerging. We are happy with the colour and we had to put the work surface in place even if it is not fixed just to see how it looked!!!

Olivier turned up to say donkeys are arriving tomorrow so that is good news.

Very hot showers, Bezique and steak and salad for supps perfecto.


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