It’s hot

Wow it’s hot!!

After the usual fruit breakfast and internet bashing session Breezy and I started making the frame and lintels for the 2nd window opening which is to go in the ground floor over the decking terrace. It will give loads of light in to the ground floor which is comparatively gloomy at the moment. Hopefully Clive is going to help us create the opening at the end of the month as there are no lintels in place at the moment. With random limestone walls just under a metre thick held together with dry mud it would be a shame to bring the whole gable end down.

Having just got that finished before lunch we retired indoors for the afternoon to escape the heat. First coat of paint on the other side of the ceiling. Bright Yellow!

Managed to get a couple of the light fittings in under the skylights before shower and eats.

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