Internet Frustration

A big internet session for Ski Breezy to start the day with some promising enquiries for the chalet in Chamonix for the winter.An overcast sky but warm weather prompted us to start sorting out all the old wood from the roof of the main barn. Chucking what was rotten and splitting what was good and stashing it in our new tin log store.

Unfortunately rain stopped play outside halfway through the morning and we bailed to go through all the trunks and kit bags indoors to make an inventory. After a number of years of living out of bags in the barn you kind of forget what you have and have not got. Now work clothes are separated from good, camping kit separated from bedding etc. and we have a list of what else we need.

After lunch we tried logging on to emails again and kept getting an error message on the satellite modem. After a couple of hours of frustration, rebooting this and resetting that we gave up and Breezy headed off down the valley to phone the service provider and jump on the wifi at the Auberge.

While she was away I did some clearing up and fixed some jam jars of spices under one of the shelves in the outhouse. Something I have been meaning to do for ages, It reminds of my Grandfather's workshop in Pembrokeshire when I was very young as all his screws were stored in jars with the lids attached to the bottom of shelves.


Breezy got back and apparently we have to repoint the dish at the satellite. That done we are back on the web again

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