Ian and Nina for Lunch

The wind was howling but the sun was shining.

Ian and Nina were due for lunch about 12.30 ish so we wanted to get lunch prepped before trying to finish the lower terrace.

Clive arrived for coffee and a chat and to ask us for supps on Tues. He left about 11.30am so it was a quick start and finish to get the rest of the lower terrace decked just in time. There does seem to be a bit of a bendy board so we need to put another chevron underneath for support before we go through it!!!

Had a good if somewhat windy lunch outside with Ian and Nina. Smoked duck salad, cheeses and bramble tart. We were full.

Ian is very talented with turning wood and Al had a surprise up his sleeve. He had asked Ian to bring a selction of some of his small bowls for me to decide which one I would like as a birthday pressie. 3 choices, and there was no choice, a wonderful Olive bowl. I love it so thanks Ian and making it and huge thanks for Al for a lovely birthday pressie.

We were full and tired after a restless nights sleep last night so retired for a siesta before having a dinnerless supper as we were both full and we watched a film a very relaxingway to end Sunday.


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