Iain Arrives

Tuesday, and Iain arrives for lunch.

Early breakfast and a short internet session to get on top of enquiries for the Chalet in Chamonix for the winter then work clothes.

We want to tidy up the terrace area before he arrives so the Mucktruck is out and shovels in hand. Having built another raised bed out the back of the barn we can dig out the last of the compost from under the terrace and dump it in the bed. There is little head room so it’s a case of rake it to the front and shovel it up. All done and pin geotextile fabric over to keep the weeds down.

Also dug the Jasmine in the bed between the two terraces having soaked the pot for a couple of hours. Looks great; let’s hope it survives the winter?

Picked and cleaned some salad for lunch before Breezy headed off down to the Auberge to meet her Father.


An afternoon of inspecting the works and Paella on the terrace for supper before Iain headed off back to the Auberge for the night.

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